Wine Care

Wine glass pourA natural cellar provides a healthy climate for wine. However at home, in gastronomy, professional catering and in specialised shops, wine needs to be provided with an adequate level of climate control to avoid the wine's taste, colour, longevity and appearance from deteriorating. Refrigerators are not suitable for this purpose as they are dry and their temperatures are unstable

Seegir has put the secrets of good wine care into practice with the Chambrair range of wine climatisation equipment, reknowned in Germany, Europe and across the world as the leading professional choice for wine climatisation equipment. Unrivalled technology and decades of wine climatisation experience give you comfort that your Chambrair purchase is a long term investment that will ensure the maximum enjoyment of your fine wine collection.

Seegir has been associated with Chambrair for over 30 years and are proud to be the UK sole distributor for the complete Chambrair wine climatisation equipment range. Our understanding of wine climatisation and tempering together with a technical background in refrigeration and air conditioning provide the perfect combination to provide you with our expert advice on all of your wine storage and serving requirements. 

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Seegir have partnered with Europe’s finest wine racking and wine display suppliers to offer you only the best choices for your wine presentation. Whether you have your own private cellar at home or you are a hotelier or restaurateur requiring a magnificent wine display, Seegir will be able to provide you with the wine care product you have desired.

The wine racking systems come in a range of stone or metal options, for either traditional or modern tastes, customised and beautifully designed that will enable you to make your wine cellar just as you always imagined it.

The wine display cabinets offer a stunning impact piece for the private resident or professional caterer, with LED lighting and mirrored internal walls providing a beautiful focal point in the room that will capture everyone’s attention.