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10 Reasons to Trust Chambrair

Why does wine taste better at the vineyard than at home?

Ideal conditions for storing and maturing wine are found in the vaults of a natural wine cellar: No UV light, no shocks, constant, wine-friendly temperature and humidity, barely perceptible differences between summer and winter plus draught-free air exchange thanks to natural climate stratification between floor and ceiling.

As not every wine lover has access to a natural wine cellar, Chambrair has developed a wine care system which creates the natural conditions of a vaulted cellar thanks to its tried-and-tested technology. Therefore when considering your purchase, you can trust Chambrair because of the following 10 reasons:

1. CHAMBRAIR defrostManagement© - guarantees constant temperature, throughout the day, every day

2. CHAMBRAIR AirControl© with 2 charcoal filters - prevents black mould on wine bottle labels

3. CHAMBRAIR HygroControl© - maintains the appropriate humidity level for wine, cheese or cigars

4. CHAMBRAIR MikroTronic© - provides heating or cooling as required to counter the temperature of the outside environment

5. CHAMBRAIR CoolWhispers© - produces quiet-as-a-whisper operation, designed for your living quarters

6. CHAMBRAIR VibraStop© - compressors mounted upon vibration-absorbers prevent the transference of vibrations to the wine

7. CHAMBRAIR UVControl© - prevents the damaging influence of sunlight on wine, cheese or cigars

8. CHAMBRAIR Know-how - over 30 years of experience in top-level gastronomy across the world

9. CHAMBRAIR Design flexibility - enables the free design of the exterior of your climate control cabinet to suit your interior desgn

10. CHAMBRAIR Multifunctionality - with wine, cheese and cigar cabinets available for you to create your own unique combination