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About Us

Seegir Limited offers a professional and discreet service to private individuals, fine dining establishments and discerning organisations throughout the UK with a specialist product portfolio primarily representing the climatic control of wine, fur, cheese and cigars.

Our background in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning and our passion for wine tempering provides the perfect combination to find solutions for all wine storage, serving, dispensing and preservation requirements, as well as the highly specialist areas of cheese, cigars and fur. Our product portfolio reflects the principles embedded throughout Seegir: innovative design, state-of-the-art technologies, high quality specification and attention to detail.

From wine cabinets to wine cellar climatisation equipment, wine walls to wine displays, wine racking to wine dispensing, fur stores to cheese cabinets: we can find a solution that works within your design brief without compromising on functionality or style. Our reputation has been built on the dedication we give to every project we work on, with meticulous planning at every stage to ensure the client is always well informed and completely satisfied throughout the process.

Seegir Limited is the UK exclusive distributor of the Chambrair Wine Climatisation range of cabinets and cellar equipment and WineEmotion wine dispensing and preservation systems.