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Spoilt for choice with Teca Vino to create a unique wine display

seegir teca vino wine care equipment

The new Teca Vino wine displays will showcase your wine collection in a beautiful case that can be customised with a range of finishes and options to suit any interior styling. From smooth matt or gloss in any RAL colour, through a range of wood finishes and finally the picture frame style "Dune" styling, this wonderful wine display can sit either built into a wall, against a wall or free-standing with glass on all four sides.

Seegir will be pleased to talk you through the various options available which include 4 different shelving choices to present your wine bottles in either horizontal 'floating', upright or inclined positions. With coloured RGB lighting available with remote control, you can create a true centre-piece for your wine collection.

Available with full height or half-height models and a range of temperature settings that allow both whites and reds independently or together, we can also supply this model suitable for chocolate presentation (Teca Cioccolato), as a salami display and/or charcuterie display (Teca Salumeria) and also for general food & drink display (Teca Gastronomia).

The new improved 2016 models have been created to further extend the choice of finishes available, making the Teca Vino a very popular choice within Seegir's product range. Please call us if you are interested and we can provide our best price recommendation for you!

New Lytham deli benefits from Seegir wine equipment

seegir wine care equipment

Nestled within the grade II listed Market Hall, Barrique is a Wine Shop, Bar & Deli, located in the heart of lovely Lytham on the Fylde coast. With a vast array of wines from around the world, Barrique is a place you can come for a morning coffee with pastries, a glass of wine and a bite to eat or to stock up your wine collection. Offering a delicious array of small plates, meats and cheeses sourced from local suppliers across Lancashire, fine produce is complimented by an extensive fine wine menu put together by resident wine expert and manager, Jake Crimmin.

Jake has an impressive background, having worked as sommelier at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, head sommelier at Gaucho restaurants and with Spanish wine producer Cordorniu. During this time, Jake realised a wine dispense system would be a key element for the success of Barrique and chose Seegir's Wineemotion dispensers as his preferred supplier. A 24-bottle system was installed with an on-site nitrogen generator to ensure the great selection of wines in the Wineemotion system are all offered in perfect conditions to customers.

Seegir also supplied 4 dual temperature wine cabinets that are used not only to store the wines in perfect conditions prior to being loaded into the Wineemotion dispensers, but also giving Barrique an eye-catching display for retailing wines by the bottle for customers to purchase and take home.

seegir wine care equipment

UK Luxury Resort installs WineEmotion


View of the Bay at St Martin's on the Scilly Isles where our latest installation took place



New WineEmotion Wine Dispenser installed at Karma St Martin's on The Scilly Isles


Karma St Martins on The Scilly Isles installs 16-Bottle WineEmotion System

Karma Resorts commit to offering luxury travel and lifestyle experiences beyond expectation. With beautiful 5 star luxury hotels around the world, the stunning setting of St Martins in The Scilly Isles was a natural choice for the Group's next destination.

A culinary journey is created with fresh local ingredients from the island and catch of the day fish brought daily to the hotel directly from the sea to the side of the hotel's own quay. The wine programme at Karma has been designed to extended this journey further for the resort's guests by offering a wonderful selection of wines, especially chosen to be the best accompaniment for the varying food menu.

It is therefore very important that the wine served is always fresh and in perfect condition during the guests' stay at St Martins - the main reason WineEmotion was chosen given our advanced preservation technology. The WineEmotion dispensers are situated in The Veritas Wine Lounge offering 8 whites and 8 reds simultaneously in the relaxed atmosphere created by the team at Karma.  The hotel management also wanted to extend the resort's contemporary ambience and unparalleled hospitality by making use of the self-serve feature of the WineEmotion system - each guest receiving a wine card on check-in to the resort, allowing them to experience the dispensers at their leisure throughout their stay.

WineEmotion UK cannot think of a more beautiful setting for our dispensers, from the meandering coastline along the white sand beach to the inviting interior design and sea views. Our dispensers are very much at home offering a great selection of fine wines within the iconic charm of Karma St Martins. We are very pleased to be working with Karma Resorts, having installed another dispenser at their Jimbaran resort in Bali.


Who else can create a wine dispense system for 1400 wines? Who else but WineEmotion!

expo 2015

Expo2015 starts next month until the end of October providing visitors to Milan the opportunity to experience some of the most innovative exhibitions in the world. WineEmotion are very pleased to be a part of EXPO2015, an official partner of the Wine Pavilion which promises it's visitors a truly interactive wine experience.

As part of the Wine Pavilion, some 1400 Italian wines will be available on dispense, via the 160 WineEmotion wine dispenser system (yes, 160 wine dispensers!). Each dispenser will be networked into a media system where information about the wine being poured will be presented on a large media tablet above the dispensers. Organisers are creating a wine library of Italian wines, split into each Italian wine producing region so the visitor can experience a journey through Italy tasting different wines served in perfect conditions from the WineEmotion dispensers.

The WineEmotion team were presented with a challenge of unprecedented levels, to create the server & networking solution, to meet the production and to establish an effective installation within the custom-built Wine Pavilion - all within 3 months from receiving the order at the start of February 2015. We are pleased to say all is on target with less than 3 weeks to go!

The UK team cannot wait to visit The Wine Pavilion at EXPO2015 Milano, not just to see the biggest ever wine dispense system in operation but also to try to work out which of the 1400 wines we will be trying first! For more information on The Wine Pavilion, please visit

New Wine Bar opens in Ramsgate supplied by Seegir & WineEmotion

Bench Wine & Tapas Bar, Ramsgate

Bench Wine & Tapas Bar in Ramsgate opened its doors last month offering 48 bottles of wine on dispense by the glass via their new WineEmotion dispense system & display wine cabinets supplied by Seegir.

Offering customers such a broad range of wines is all part of the service for Bench, who are utilising an on-site preservation gas generator to keep the wines as fresh as when they were first opened. "This has been a great installation for us, working with the Bench team from the concept and design stage to create one of the largest wine dispense systems outside of central London" said Dan Lovell, MD of Seegir. "The Bench team have not compromised on specification throughout the complete works programme so it was natural fit for us to work together, both companies believing in great design and quality build".

Bench provide a range of tapas food as well as their extensive wine by the glass menu, offering a great wine and dine experience to visitors to Ramsgate's Harbour Parade.   

Wine Frames - bringing Art and Wine together!

Seegir can create a stunning display for your wine - a beautiful wine frame. These stylish temperature controlled creations elude Italian design and are combined with advanced refrigeration technology to ensure your wine display will be an unforgettable feature. There is a wide choice of styles and colour finishes to choose from for the frames and different combinations for the shelving. A wide choice of LED lighting completes the effect for you to create a unique wine frame.

The wine frames offered by Seegir have been installed globally in hotels, restaurants, bars and luxury private residences. Our experts will advise and design a wine frame for you that will take into account your interior design and wine collection, the requirements for serving and display. Our professional installation team will work with your contractors to ensure a seamless installation within your schedule.

Wine Libraries - bring the WOW Factor to your wine!

During 2014, Seegir carried out a number of installations of wine libraries in private residences. There has been an increasing trend for private collectors to showcase their wine in these stunning cabinets not only to create a memorable display within their homes but also to provide temperature and humidity controlled functional storage within their living quarters - rather than behind the (locked) door of an underground wine cellar or wine room.

A wine library or wine wall is a beautiful cabinet over 2 metres high that combines cleverly designed shelving and LED lighting with mirrored stainless steel or other polished metal finishes. By carefully considering the shelving styles - upright, horizontal, inclined etc. - that are best suited for the specific bottles of wine you wish to display, a truly unique and breath-taking wine display can be created. Cutting edge refrigeration technology ensures constant and digitally controlled cooling to each compartment, with either single or variable temperature settings allowing both white and red wines side by side with your champagne and sparkling wine collections.

The term wine library is normally reserved for when the item is to be placed against the room wall, the cabinet itself having a solid back wall with a polished stainless steel interior. A wine wall is a phrase used when there is usually multiple wine libraries placed againt a wall - effectively creating a wall itself! When a wine wall is created to divide a room, the wine libraries can be supplied with glass rear doors so light can be let through - also special shelving can be supplied that allows for instance inclined bottles both ways so that the visual effect is the same on both sides. Some suppliers can provide glass sides at the ends so you can effectively create a 'wine island'.

The list of options and different configurations can be very confusing which is why at Seegir we are always pleased to offer our advice and experience. We will recommend the best configuration that will suit your wine collection and have the means to utilise Europe's leading manufacturers without being tied down to one particular product range.

Seegir will always carry out a technical logisitics survey upon price agreement - the wine libraries are very heavy and very large as well as being extremely prone to damage given their high glass and stainless steel content. A survey will determine the best access route to your chosen location as well as confirming whether the wine library can actually fit - it is often the case that these items require tipping which means the need for extra height over and above the height of the item itself. Our logistics team will endeavour to find the best solution for your installation - during the year we have carried these wine libraries up 5 flights of stairs to a penthouse apartment and wheeled them through gardens and around swimming pools!

So if you are considering a wine library, wine wall or even a wine island, Seegir can offer you the best advise available on the UK to ensure you bring the WOW factor to your wine collection!

Seegir's Wine Cabinet Buying Guide: what to consider when making your purchase

25 years ago you could have picked the number of wine cabinet suppliers in the UK on one hand. The high street retailers maybe offered one or two models but never showcased them in their department store showrooms. A few select specialists, most of whom still operate today, were and still are your best choice for advice and selection.

Today, every major appliance manufacturer has a wine cabnet range and it is almost becoming a standard appliance included in any new kitchen scheme. The UK wine market is worth over £13bn and there's never been such a high demand for wine cabinets within the home. The high street retailers in your local town now offer a range of cabinets and provide you with advice (normally read straight from the instruction or training booklet!) and they will usually steer you towards the manufacturer that offers them the most commission. They are not experts in wine storage nor will they provide you with best models available for your particular collection. So be aware! A wine fridge might sound like the latest status symbol or must-have item and there are some very sleek looking models out there ... but be careful as what you are getting is probably a fridge that you put wine in - not a cabinet that is designed specifically for storing and serving wine.

Therefore Seegir has put together our own guide to help you make the correct choice, after all, from our experience of the wine cabinets we offer, you should only be making this choice once every 20 years or so. Choosing to purchase a wine cabinet (not a wine fridge!) first and foremost means you have realised that your wine collection requires a stable environment to ensure you achieve the best conditions to store it in and protect it. You have invested heavily in your wine, so you should make a carefully considered decision on your wine cabinet, hopefully this guide from Seegir will help.

Budget: The first consideration is your budget - we always ask our customers to consider the value of their wine collection first and foremost as this normally provides a good insight into the overall spend they would be willing to pay for the correct wine storage. There is no definitive guide - x% on a wine cabinet if your wine is valued at £X - it really is down to the individual. Determining value in anything is a subjective matter, in particular wine!

Usage: Secondly you need to consider what function you require the wine cabinet to have - is it for long term storage? is it for serving temperatures or ageing? is it to be a showpiece in your home? is to be kept under lock and key hidden away? These factors can very much influence the decision you make on the type of cabinet, it's overall look and which features are important.

Capacity: Next we would advise you to look at the size of your collection and this in effect will narrow down your options on which cabinet or cabinets can accomodate the bottle capacity you require. Most manufacturers rate their capacity on the Bordeaux style bottle, being a slimmer and easier bottle to store on shelves. If your collection includes considerable quantities of champagne or Bordeaux style bottles then be prepared for less capacity on what the official levels claim (due to wider bottles). Also consider the future: is your collection at or nearing drinking age, what percentage requires longer term storage and what are your plans for adding to it in the future? Purchasing more than one cabinet may be the best option if you have big expansion plans for your wine collection for the future!

Now we drill down to the detail, so it gets more technical and specific in this next section of our guide:

1. Refrigeration system: compressor or thermoelectric? Seegir only advocates compressor systems - these are professional systems that guarantee a stable temperature within the cabinet, depsite fluctuating temperatures externally. Compressor based systems are more efficient than thermoelectric systems, in terms of performance and energy consumption. The downside is the cost but as we mentioned before, a thermoelectric system is probably included when you buy a wine fridge, or wine cooler or chiller as they are more frequently called these days. So to sum up, thermoelectric systems are cheap and used in basic wine fridges, they will not last as long as compressor based systems but more importantly will not guarantee a stable temperature controlled conditions for your wine.

2. Humidity regulation: many wine cabinets will claim to regulate humidity but there is no actual regulatory control to effect this, just the natural humidity achieved within the case and a lot of hope it meets the right level for storing wine. All of Seegir's wine cabinets ensure the correct humidity levels are always found within the cabinet (70-75%) with some systems allowing this to be regulated by the customer, others have this preset and monitored through an internal hygrostat. The correct humidity level is important: if too dry then the corks will dry out and shrink, allowing air to enter the bottle and oxidise the wine; if too damp then mould will ingress to the bottle through the cork ad ruin the wine, even a mouldy label can devalue your wine on resale. Most of our systems have a charcoal filter to further ensure the air within the cabinet is in perfect condition and will not contaminate the wine.

3. Shelving: Seegir's wine cabinet ranges have two very distinct style of shelving. Our Chambrair range have very basic metal shelves, wine friendly for laying wine down with no snags for catching labels etc. They are fixed in place and purposely so . . . the original founder of Chambrair did not want what he called 'gimmicky' pull out shelves as the priority of any wine cabinet should be to protect the wine - in his eyes, the shelf needed to be fixed to ensure the wine was hardly ever moved, as most connoisseurs will support that perfect ageing of wine is to ensure it is perfectly still. Our other ranges cater for those consumers that prefer the shelves to be wooden, pull out, soft close, presentation, angled, display - the list is endless!

4. Doors: a simple choice here - glass or solid door? Solid doors are more suited for non-display locations such as garages, storage areas, utility rooms etc. Glass doors are for those that wish to view the bottles from the outside, the only consideration here is to ensure the glass is UV protected as UV light entering through a glass door will harm the wine.

5. Location: if you are considering locating the wine cabinet in an outhouse, a garage or inside the house but in a small space with limited ventilation (such as a built in cupboard) then ensure you choose a cabinet that can cope with the changing ambient conditions experienced. Compressor based systems will be more robust to external climate change than their cheaper thermoelectric counterparts. If your wine cabinet is to be built in, some manufacturers offer built in models - these normally have the ventilation at the front at the bottom. The heat expelled from the refrigeration system's condenser needs to go somewhere - if it doesn't, the compressor works harder, ice builds up and the system will eventually seize - an expensive repair bill will be waiting for you! Most stand alone cabinets require a minimum 25mm gap to the back and top to allow sufficient discharge of the heat; built in models can do just that - be fully built-in so no gaps required.

6. Other considerations: there are other minor considerations to factor in - for instance, Seegir's Chambrair wine cabinets are noise rated at 15dBA which is incredibly low.  If you are locating the wine cabinet in a prominent living space, the noise level of the compressor cutting in and out could be a crucial element in the decision making process. Other features that may affect your decision include if the cabinet is lockable or at the very least has a childproof door system; anti-vibration mounts to the compressor so there is no unnecessary virbrations through the cabinet and therefore through the wine bottles; does it visually display the temperature and/or humidity levels for your peace of mind; the parts guarantee and f there are any hidden callout and/or labour charges.

In conclusion, there is a lot to think about when purchasing wine cabinets, some of the considerations in Seegir's wine cabinet purchasing guide may or may not be of interest to you but we hope it provides you with an informative insight. Sometimes price is not the most important aspect, you have to look at the whole picture from general service levels, the advice you are given, the after sales support and the lifetime you can expect out of your cabinet. Seegir has Chambrair customers from over 25 years ago calling us with their first breakdown, most of which can be fully repaired.

At Seegir we offer you impartial advice without any hard sales tactic - our driving force is to ensure you source the correct cabinet for the individual requirements of your own wine collection. You can have peace of mind that our wine cabinets will cover all of the aspects in our guide fully, supported by our national after sales support network.

Wine dispensing for the Home


The new Quattro wine dispenser gives a new dimension to the WineEmotion range with an integral gas cartidge making it the perfect addition to your home. Holding 4 bottles of wine in a refrigerated chamber, perfectly preserved for over a month, allowing the home owner to experience different wines during the day without the rest of the leftover wine going to waste (what's leftover wine I hear you ask?!). 

You can enjoy the premium wines from your wine collection without the risk of spoilage; a glass in week 1, a glass in week 2 or a glass in week 4 will all taste exactly the same - perfect! Instant pouring, perfect temperature, all within a beautiful and compact wine dispenser from WineEmotion's renowned design team.

Wineemotion is the No.1 choice for design professionals - the Quattro can be a valued addition to your kitchen home theatre or living quarters. the main feature is the preswervation system called ISOL+, it is a unique system to WineEmotion ensuring perfect isolated preservation for each bottle - no cross contamination like other systems. Delicate wines are prefectly protected.

WineEmotion is changing the way we drink wine - from the retail environment through to the home. Stunning design, patented technology, unrivalled quality & reliability. The emphasis is on automatic dispense and perfect tasting conditions - allowing you to focus on the main task in hand - drinking and enjoying the wine!

Protecting your liquid assets from Margaux to Crozes-Hermitage

With the UK wine industry valued at over £12 billion in 2013 and set to rise to over £13 billion in 2018, wine investors and collectors need to assess their storage options.Despite the uncertainty of investing in wine, recent reports from Key Note highlight the steady increase of investors and collectors capitalising within the beverage industry.

As high end investors diversify their portfolios from champagne to Chardonnay it is imperative that the correct storage is installed. Where traditional wine cellars are not practical, wine libraries and wine walls offer a contemporary and stylish alternative. There is an assumption within the wine market that the installation of an air-conditioning unit is sufficient to house and protect wine, this is incorrect. Air conditioning and ducted systems do not provide a constant and critical control of the main factors that protect wine collections: temperature and humidity.

Clive Saunders, BDM of Seegir comments; “As the wine industry is set to steadily increase over the coming years, it is essentials that buyers are fully aware of the correct storage options available. The right home storage system allows people to not only protect their liquid assets but to showcase and enjoy their investments with friends and family.

 “Our clients no longer see wine simply as a drink, it is a hobby, lifestyle and a ‘passion investment’, as with all investments they need to be properly protected and safe guarded. Our bespoke range of wine cabinets, wine displays and wine cellar climate systems ensure our clients’ collections are stored at their optimum temperature and humidity.”