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Chambrair LogoChambrair is Germany's leading manufacturer of wine cabinets, wine fridges and wine cellar cooling equipment. Chambrair products incorporate state-of-the-art technology to carefully control both temperature and humidity to ensure only the ideal natural cellar climate is replicated. The wine cabinet range is simple: two single temperature wine fridges, either full or half height, with static shelves only - why? Chambrair's philospohy is to provide only the best wine tempering, with no disturbance to the wine - like you might get from rolling shelves. Add anti-vibration, whisper quiet operation, UV protection, charcoal filtration and microtronic digital control and you realise with Chambrair, it is all about the wine. 

Chambrair wine cabinets and wine fridges are manufactured with a very high specification stainless steel finish to the Professional range or a beautiful hand-crafted wooden case for the Elegance range. The latest addition is the Prestige, surely no better way to showcase your wine in the perfect cellar conditions than in this beautiful wine fridge. We assure you that you will not be disappointed in the craftsmanship and quality of manufacture of a Chambrair wine fridge, they are extremely reliable and have incredible lifespans for a refrigeration system (20 years plus on average).

The wine cellar climatisation equipment is reknowned globally as the best system available for replicating the environment found in the natural cellars of the finest chateaus. Whether you have an underground wine cellar that is suffering from moisture problems or an above ground wine room requiring climatisation, it is important that your fine wine collection is protected from damp or drying out. The best conditions for the wine to be stored are to achieve the correct temperature (13°C to 15°C) and correct humidity (65% to 75%); these levels must be constant and gentle, with no fluctuations that can affect the quality of your wine. Chambrair wine cellar equipment is designed to meet these requirements, to ensure your investment in wine is not at risk and therefore you enjoy your wine always at its best. 

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