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Conditionair Elegance ELEG 100 CON Cigar Climate Control Cabinet

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Manufacturer: Chambrair
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The Conditionair Elegance ELEG 100 CON cigar climate control cabinet from CHAMBRAIR is the appliance of the PROFESSIONAL series in a wooden casing that can be customised to your style, allowing you to choice specifically a finish that is unique to you and blends perfectly with your interior design. The casing is available with a choice of beech in CLOU colour stains or alternatively painted, matt or gloss, in RAL colours (see charts below). There is also the option of choosing an alternative finish to the door to create a stunning two tone effect. We will also be more than pleased to cater for your individual desires, upon request.

The Conditionair Elegance  ELEG 100 CON cigar climate control cabinet offers a perfect presentation of your cigar collection, optimal storage conditions and an extraordinary cigar enjoyment experience. Due to the constant regulated temperature and the electronically controlled ideal humidity, all cigars age perfectly to reach their full aroma. The Conditionair Elegance  ELEG 100 CON climate control cabinet provides perfect conditions for unlimited enjoyment of high-quality cigars even after lengthy storage.

The most modern compressors, the CFC-free cooling fluids and the intelligent controlling make the Conditionair Elegance  ELEG 100 CON cigar climate control cabinet both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Thus it meets the highest professional standards through uncompromising quality and individualised design.

This cabinet's body and door colours can be customised by specifying their RAL/CLOU Colours.



Products specifications
Capacity Capacity of insertion grids for shelves: 520mm W x 345/405mm D
Temperature Range Continuously adjustable from 5 to 22 °C
Temperature Zones 1
Storage Shelves 4 wooden gratings and one floor grating inclusive (alternative gratings available)
Casing Design Beech veneer wood stained in a range of CLOU wood stain choices or Coated wood in Matt or Gloss finish from the extensive RAL colour pallette. Doors can be coloured differently to the main cabinet selection.
Temperature Regulation MikroTronik© for constant temperatures DefrostIntelligence© for timely defrosting only when required
Humidity Control HygroControl© for cigar-friendly humidity
Vibration Control VibraStop© for vibration-free storage
Noise Emission WhisperNoise© for maximum quiet running
Fresh Air Exchange ActiveAir© for real fresh air circulation
UV Protection UVProtectl© for complete UV protection
Shipment Delivery of individual appliances by freight forwarding
Warranty 2 years
Net Weight 78 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 730 x 671 x 1,011 mm (body with door, handle, socket and top plate) 662 x 618 x 937 mm (body without door, socket and top plate)
Volume Gross Capacity 176 Litres
Material (casing) Beech veneer wood stained in a range of CLOU wood stain choices or Coated wood in Matt or Gloss finish from the extensive RAL colour pallette. Doors can be coloured differently to the main cabinet selection.
Material (door) Bronzed heat-absorbing glass with UV protection filter in the wooden frame
Inside Material Inner container of foodsafe plastic lining material
Material (door handle) Stainless steel bar handles (other handles available upon request)
Door Hinge At right or left selectable
Security Securely lockable: lock integrated in glass door
Installation Free-standing, with 4 height-adjustable feet in the socket
Nominal Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz (differin voltages on request)
Length of Power Cable 170 cm from the ground
Mark of Conformity CE
Energy Consumption According to temperature setting
Power Consumption 0.14 kW
Inside Temperature 5 – 22 °C (adjustable)
Outside Temperature 5 – 32 °C
Thermometer Digital display by CHAMBRAIR MikroTronik©
Isolation Pentane (CFC and fluorocarbon free)
Cooling Agent R 600 a (CFC and fluorocarbon free)
Drive Compressor Technology
Air Supply 2 activated charcoal filters
Lighting Fluorescent lamps with separate on/off switch
User Guide German, English