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Chambrair Professional CLS200G Wine CabinetGood wine care leads to the real enjoyment of your wine ... it is well known that wine requires a healthy natural climate, which is provided best of all in a natural cellar. However, at home, in gastronomy, in professional catering and in specialised shops, wine needs an adequate level of climate control to protect the wine and ensure it is served in the best condition for you and your customers to experience its true potential. Refrigerators are not suitable for this purpose as they are dry and their temperatures are unstable.

Chambrair has put the secrets of good wine care into practice with your wine stored in the ideal conditions on a short, medium and long-term basis by using Chambrair Wine Climate Control Cabinets, exclusively available in the UK from Seegir. The advanced technology of a Chambrair wine cabinet sets the industry standard and ensures the following conditions for your wine collection:-

  • absolute constant temperature
  • a specific humidity ideal for wine
  • no unpleasant outside odours
  • good ventilation and UV control
  • very low vibrations and physical disturbances

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For further information or advice on the most suitable products for your wine collection and wine requirements, please contact Seegir.

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