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Cheese Care

As cheese is a natural product, it ripens after purchase. It is therefore crucial that cheese is stored correctly to ensure the cheese quality and aroma.

The shelf-life of a cheese varies according to the variety. Soft cream cheese, for example, stays fresh only for a few days, cut cheese and hard cheese for longer. Generally, the shelf-life of cheese depends upon the water content. The lower the proportion of water, the longer the shelf-life.

Seegir are pleased to offer Chambrair cheese climate cabinets, Fromagair, which store the cheese at the correct temperature, maximising the life-span and the taste of your cheese. The cheese should be taken out from the climate control cabinet at least one hour before serving, to allow its aroma to fully unfold.

Besides the optimal temperature, the correct humidity level is also an important factor in the storage of cheese. If the latter is too high, the ripening process is accelerated and undesired mould can appear on the cheese. If it is too low, the cheese dries out. The Fromagair cabinets store your cheese at the correct humidity levels to ensure the ripening process is controlled and optimised.

Good aeration in the Chambrair cheese climate cabinet prevents the transference of aroma across the various cheese sorts.

Fromagair cabinets from Seegir ensure the best conditions for fine cheese.