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Cigar Care

Chambrair Cigar Climatisation Cabinets ensure the best storage conditions for your cigar collection and are exclsively available in the UK from Seegir.

Cigars thrive in a homely climate with a humidity level of about 70 to 80 percent. This enables them to remain lithe and elastic, and not dry out. Chambrair Cigar cabinets recreate the perfect environment for your cigars.
A dried-out cigar burns too quickly and irregularly, and heats up upon smoking. This leads to an acrid, biting taste. The cigar must also not be too moist, because this hinders burning and the clotted tobacco inhibits puffing. A really pleasurable smoke can only be delivered by a well-climatised cigar. The Chambrair Cigar cabinet is a cigar climate chamber with a warm, humid Caribbean climate with a temperature of 20 to 22°C and a humidity level of 70 to 80%. The temperature is not the only important factor involved in the well-being of the cigar - the humidity also plays a major role. In smaller humidors, a sponge or a porous stone acts as a hygrolator, in larger compartments a climate control unit, such as the one found in Chambrair's range, ensures correct storage. 
In centrally heated rooms, cigars dry out within a few days – reclimatisation in a small humidor or large cabinet requires multiple weeks. The interior of the humidor should also be cleaned now and again, but please not with a moist cloth, but rather only with a dry towel. If, in the course of time, a light-grey fluff covers your high-class cigars, don't panic! This harmless mould is a sign that your cigars are maturing. If the mould disturbs you, brush it off with a soft towel.

For further information or advice on the most suitable products for your cigar collection and cigar requirements, please contact Seegir.