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Parete Vino Wine Displays

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The Parete Vino range of wine displays incorporates an innovative modular system used to create a fully-equipped wall to display, store and serve your wine bottles. The insertion of one or more modules, such as delicatessen, salami, cheese or chocolate, allows you to create a practical, elegant and distinct area exclusively dedicated present your wine and food together.

The different style of frames and wide range of finishes allows the Parete Vino to match any room decoration, either classic or modern. Your requirements for how your wine bottles are displayed within the case is completely catered for, with options for horizontal positioning with outer necks or inserted necks, inclined bottles or with adjustable shelves to allow vertical positioning of the bottles.

The wine bottle capacity depends on your choice and number of modules within your wine display, with individual compartments ranging from 42 to 128 bottle capacity: there is no maximum capacity with this range as the modular design allows you to choose as many modules as you require to create your own combination – the only limit is the space for the intended location of your wine display … and your imagination!

The Parete Vino wine display range is equipped with an innovative cooling system based on a cooling coil positioned in the centre of the case. Another important feature is the horizontal position of the wine bottles, which forms an elegant display and ensures perfect visibility of the wine labels.

Low energy consumption is ensured by the double glazed doors and separate compartments that allow opening only half the case, in addition to an excellent side insulation system and the exclusive Energy Saving system, allowing you to switch between the storage settings when the wine service is not active. LED lighting is provided throughout with optional colour choices available.

The optional built-in installation where the unit is supplied on a concealed stand allows for a stunning visual effect, showcasing your wine bottles with high impact and great visibility. Like a masterpiece, your wine collection can now be framed and presented in all its wonder whilst being stored and served in the correct conditions.

With a wide range of combinations and module options, frame styles and finishes, the Parete Vino range allows you to create a truly stunning wine display for your workplace or home. Should you require further information or would like to arrange a survey in order for Seegir to offer our quotation, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please be aware that we can supply all models and options of the Parete Vino Wine display but we may only list a selection online.