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Wine Care

Seegir has put the secrets of good wine care into practice with the Chambrair range of wine climatisation equipment, renowned in Germany, Europe and across the world as the leading professional choice for wine care equipment. Unrivalled technology and decades of wine care experience give you comfort that your Chambrair purchase is a long term investment that will ensure the maximum enjoyment of your fine wine collection. Choose from the small selection of Chambrair's specialist wine cabinets or for the larger cellars, Chambrair's unrivalled cellar climatisation system.

Seegir are also pleased to offer the La Sommeliere range of wine cabinets, from France's leading wine cabinet manufacturer. An extensive range of wine cabinets for wine collections from 45 to 300 bottles, the La Sommeliere range offers a wide choice of wine cabinets to suit all requirements: serving, ageing and storing wine. A choice of finishes and sizes, multiple features and wooden shelving make La Sommeliere a favourite choice of wine connoisseurs, both for private use and commercially. The three ranges of La Sommeliere wine cabinets offered by Seegir: the Commercial, Prestige and Tradition.

Seegir have partnered with Europe’s finest wine racking and wine display suppliers to offer you only the best choices for your wine presentation: from wine walls and wine libraries, to wine displays and wine racking.

Two ranges of Wine Library and Wine Wall systems are available, Brera and Enofrigo, both ranges have been designed beautifully by their Italian manufacturer and finished to an extremely high quality. Wine Libraries and Wine Walls provide an opportunity to showcase your fine wines in a magnificent refrigerated case, with one, two or three door models and different heights to fully utilise the space available.

The wine display cabinets offer a stunning impact piece for the private resident or professional caterer, with LED lighting and mirrored internal walls providing a beautiful focal point in the room that will capture everyone’s attention. Our framed wine displays from Expo can be tailored to your specific design requirements to enable you to create a unique presentation of your wines.

The wine racking systems come in a range of stone or metal options, for either traditional or modern tastes, customised and beautifully designed that will enable you to make your wine cellar just as you always imagined it.

Finally we are pleased to offer you exclusively in the UK our range of wine dispensing and preservation systems, WineEmotion. A wine dispenser offers so much more than a means to dispense: offer your customers a unique wine tasting experience and capture customer data to enahnace your marketing efforts; WineEmotion's pateneted technology preserves the wine on offer for up to 30 days reducing wine spoilage; perfect measures remove wine wastage and reliance on staff; a great temperature-controlled display to promote premium wine by the glass, increasing margins and sales. WineEmotion is renowned as the market leader for wine dispensing, creating beautiful designs with cutting edge technology, offering the most advanced wine dispensers available in the global marketplace.