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Wine Dispensers

Discover how WineEmotion can transform your business or home!

WineEmotion wine dispensers offer a range of high quality and beautifully designed wine dispensing systems for both businesses and private homes use. From preserving your wine, to automatically dispensing the perfect measures, to providing a beautiful eye-catching display for your wine - a WineEmotion system is a must for all wine lovers!

A WineEmotion wine dispensing system will ensure your opened wine is preserved for up to 30 days without any spoilage, our patented ISOL+ preservation system ensures that each wine is independently preserved within the dispenser so the wine always stays fresh. For the business customer, this reduces your wine spoilage to a minimum and allows you to enhance your wine by the glass programme to include fine wines without any risk. For the private user, if you travel frequently or wish to have a selection of wines to choose from rather than having to keep with the same bottle once it is opened, then a WineEmotion system is a must for you!

Further features include full self-serve wine card technology for wine bars, restaurants, hotels and wine shop operators. We can offer all of our dispensers for staff use or home use only, our 4-Bottle Quattro system even comes with an integral gas cartridge making this system 'plug and play'. The user determines three measures for each wine, bottle changing and cleaning is easy and you have full 24 months manufacturer parts warranty supported by our UK national support service & the high levels of customer service you expect from Seegir!  

Below we have offered our 4-Bottle Quattro system but please visit our dedicated WineEmotion UK website for details of the full range of WineEmotion wine dispensers, including all of the product features, benefits and testimonials.

WineEmotion Wine Dispensers

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