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Wine Displays

From restaurants and hotels to wine retailers and private residences, wine displays allow wine connoisseurs to showcase their collections in an exquisite manner, by creating unique high impact presentations. Seegir provides a range of Wine Displays in addition to Wine Walls and Wine Libraries, that allow you to showcase your wines, leaving a memorable impression and a focal point for your visitors.

A Wine Display can also make a stunning centrepiece to a home, with LED lighting and mirrored internal walls combined with an endless choice of finishes to create an elegant and refined frame for your wine collection.

The addition of metal or Plexiglass shelves add to the striking effect, with the wine bottles stored either horizontally, floating appearance or vertically, even inclined, to suit the client’s requirements. By multiplexing units together, further impact can be made by creating separating walls in larger rooms whilst ensuring visual continuity of the room through the use of glass front and rear doors. The insertion of one or more modules, such as delicatessen, salami, cheese or chocolate , allows you to create a practical, elegant and disctinct area dedicated exclusively for your wine and food presentation.

Seegir are pleased to offer a range of Wine Displays from different selected manufacturers, from wine frames to customised wine cabinet displays. The highlights of these wonderful Wine Displays include:

• Visibility: wide display areas, LED lights, mirrored internal walls, transparent bottle racks – the ultimate wine bottle display with a 360° view effect

• Technology: innovative refrigerated system, USB updating, range of temperature settings, optional humidity control and maximum noise reduction

• Size and Colour options: one, two or three doors models available (depending on product), multiplex together to suit any large space requirement, front/rear doors or solid rear walls, interior laminate options, professional and technical installation

• Energy Saving: double glazing, excellent side insulation and an energy saving button to change the settings from storage to serving, in order to save enregy consumption

• Stunning Built-In installation: choose to build your wine display into the wall, positioned on a stand to create a magnificent framed visual effect for maximum impact and greater visibility

• Modular flexibility: choose modules for wine, cold meats, cheese, delicatessen or ambient, for display, serving or storage. The different types of frame and finishes allows for any room decoration either classic or modern and there is great flexibility in sizing due to the large range of modules and customisig options.  

Please click on the Wine Display product links below for more information and images. Should you require further information or would like Seegir to arrange a survey so we can offer our proposal, then please do not hesitate to contact us.