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Wine Racking

ARCave wine racking epitomises the concepts that Seegir’s Wine Care range proudly promotes: Exclusivity. Individuality. Craftmanship.

ARCave are located in Switzerland and have been designing wine racks for cellars and providing specialised cellar supplies since 1978. Clients include leading hotels and coveted restaurants, wine producers and artisan vintners as well as countless private collectors, some of which can be found at the world’s most exclusive addresses.

Seegir are pleased to bring the ARCave range of wine racking to the UK with a complete custom design package: you tell us what you want and we will do our utmost to provide it for you – ensuring, of course, that is technically feasible and that it does not compromise quality.

The investment you have made in your fine wine collection needs protection and AR Cave have developed a range of stone and metal wine racking systems that allow the individual customisation of your cellar, with both modern contemporary styles and classical tastes catered for amongst their wine racks.

Please click on each image below for further information and images on each of these wonderful wine racking ranges. Seegir offer an advisory service for wine racking enquiries, surveys can be arranged for larger cellar requirements. Should you require further information then please do not hesitate to contact Seegir.